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Ayos lang” (Tagalog).

The literal translation is: “just ok.” But it can also mean: “I’m good/fine/alright” or “meh.”

It’s the typical response to: “Kamusta?” (how are you), “Ayos lang.

Not really a bad thing, but I can’t help but sometimes interpret this phrase as something automatic or mindless. It’s an ambivalent response.

That made me think about how some of us live our lives that way-- on auto-pilot. Passive. “It’s ok.” “meh.” Ayos Lang.

But what if we switched frames and saw “Ayos Lang” as more about ownership and active acceptance? What if it meant, I see my circumstances, I know where I’m at. I got this. Ayos Lang.

That insight inspired my collaborator, Sherlan, and I to create this piece. To serve as a reminder to ourselves that we have a choice; that we can own whatever comes our way. That we can accept where we are and not be bound by it. That we don’t have to live life on auto-pilot.

Black colorway modeled by Angela, Photographed by Carly
Cream colorway modeled by Bohkeh, Photographed by Jay R

Ayos Lang shirts are limited to only 80 pieces. Once it’s gone, its gone. Shirts come in black or cream and ships worldwide.   


This is an energetic and positive song that was written in collaboration with my friend Ehiorobo and released via Kitsune.

The perfect time to listen to this song, in my opinion, is: a) during your morning commute to school or work, or  b) anytime you need a pick-me up! Ehi’s voice is gonna make you feel wholesome. :)

We definitely had a ton of fun putting this together for you!




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